Q: What’s up with your company name? Do you actually have any dogs?
A: Like so many lighthearted American generations since 1957 the coming of age Disney classic movie OLD YELLER had a profound affect on our sense of pride & loyalty. So we figured what better way to convey that same sense of dedication to our services than through man’s most popular best friend. Oh yes, we have several dogs that we love dearly. None more so than our yellow lab that we loving named Yeller. She’s getting up there in years now days (born 2002) so she typically stays home unless a special request is made for her affectionate presence.

Q: Why do you charge more than a friend we know? There’s this guy on Craig’s that’s ‘cheaper’?
A: To be totally honest we do not offer the ‘cheapest’ services in town. That’s realistically the key difference between hiring amateurs versus professionals. Our landscape designers & hardscape construction company has been popular using consistent talent since 2004. Meaning we have a reliable & dedicated labor force of professionals that are well experienced in the actual duties of which they perform. There is no learning curve, no English-to-Spanish translation web apps or hoping the final product comes out to specifications. We work with you in advance regarding the long-term sustainability of new design projects. Our true value comes in the experience, consultation & storage of material at our DS location to save costs. You can call us next year to redo a ‘cheaper’ project or you can save money by getting it done right the first time. It’s always your choice!

Q: We have an Austin Residential or Commercial Architect; are you an option to construct his/her outdoor living plans? Our Austin Custom Home Builder wants to work together?
A: Absolutely. We work with residential/commercial architects & custom home builders all the time. It’s simply a matter of skipping ahead by having the plans or blueprints in advance before we workout a cooperative strategy to get you the best possible project deliverables on-time & within budget. Some custom home builders prefer to white-label our services in-order to provide a more seemless product. We are here to help regardless. Please understand that we have spent years developing a group of professionals that are task/detail oriented & have an acute aesthetic awareness.

Q: Do you have any more FAQ’s?
A: Oh yeah…a bunch! We are trying to build out a comprehensive knowledge base so many more Faq’s will be Coming Soon! In the meantime, please send us an email with your specific questions.