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We are your one stop shop for all your Austin Masonry and Texas Limestone needs. Ol' Yeller Landscaping, Inc. are professionals in the realm of Limestone flooring, Limestone fireplaces, Limestone driveways, etc... Anything and everything Austin Limestone, we can build.

Our flagstone walkways and flagstone landscaping have been turning heads for years. We survive through word of mouth advertising. Satisified customers like you potentially, are simply amazed by the ease and reward of having a professional stone mason build a flagstone patio and show you the process of flagstone installation.

Recent projects in Austin and the Texas Hill Country!

What is limestone?

Limestone is a sedimentary rock consisting mostly of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). It is typically in the form of calcite or aragonite. Most limestones have a granular texture with grains ranging in size from 0.00004 inch to visible particles. The grains are likely to be tiny fragments of fossil animal shells.

Where does limestone come from?

Limestone has two origins:

  • biogenic precipitation from sea water (autochthonous limestone), the primary agents being lime-secreting organisms and foraminifera
  • mechanical transport and deposition of preexisting limestones (allochthonous limestone), forming clastic deposits.


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