“Sustainable Landscaping Austin”

Ol’ Yeller is the premier choice in eco friendly outdoor design and landscaping. Always providing the best choices in native materials and native plants for all your landscaping design and build needs!  Discover the benefits of sustainable landscaping in Austin, and how to achieve an outdoor design for your home for the long-haul.




Sustainable landscaping is achieved by using the natural materials in the environment to both build, and plant with, that are already growing naturally in any particular area.  Every region of the world has it’s own unique climate that fosters the natural growth and formation of different minerals, stones, woods, and plants which don’t require these natural resources to be imported from another area or region. Native plants and materials are a territories natural resources which can be found within and on the surface of the land.

By planting eco-friendly plants and gardens, as well as building outdoor features such as patios, decks, fire pits and fireplaces with native materials, we are able to create sustainable landscaping for your Austin home which naturally blends with our cities natural landscape. By using native materials in your landscape design, we are able to preserve the natural beauty of Austin, while preserving the resources that are being depleted in other areas – faster than they are naturally produced.  Using native stone, brick and woods for building an outdoor kitchen in Austin for instance, will make for an outdoor feature that will have a stronger foundation in it’s structure built with native materials which are meant to “sustain” in our region. It is important to choose the materials for our outdoor design with diligence. By keeping in mind how certain materials will ‘hold up’ in the area we live, we are able to create more value in our outdoor features when building with materials that are meant to thrive in our climate. The same goes for the plants and trees we choose for the landscaping of our property.

Any time we have the choice, we should choose to build with materials that are found easily in the natural environment we live.  Making that choice has a positive impact on the environment, while giving your landscaping a longer life in it’s “Eco-friendly” foundation. Using native materials and plants, without a doubt creates a landscape for your home meant to last. Choosing organic materials that are found in the region where we live, is a ‘win-win’ for both our wallet and our planets natural resources. A foundation constructed and designed with sustainable elements, native our geographical location give us two major benefits. We gain the benefit of both aesthetic beauty, and more value in the longevity of materials native to our locations eco-system.  Learn more about the different Texas native plants used for landscaping in Austin. Using a native blend of rocks, and brick, and flagstones which use the native rocks in Texas also adds a synchronous beauty to your homes landscaping by blending with the natural environment, and your home’s natural architecture.  Call Ol’ Yeller today for your Austin sustainable landscaping –  creating stunning  beauty and functionality for the long haul!

Garden Designs using Native Plants




Ol Yeller brings the vintage look and feel alive with today’s modern landscape designs that compliment your home in a remarkable way! When it comes to choosing a landscape design and build contractor for your Austin Texas home – Ol’ Yeller has been the premier choice for over a decade.

austin-tx-dry-creek-beds-lawn-drainage Many remember us by the way we bring the Austin terrain alive against the finest chosen stones, and rich wood materials used to create the perfect compliment to your home. Keeping in mind the optimal functionality of all your outdoor spaces, and all the right color schemes, all possibilities in matching native materials, and with the use of a refined creative eye – our landscape contractors achieve an outdoor design built for longevity, custom tailored to each clients specific needs and wants! Custom landscaping to create beautiful, and at the same time functional sitting areas for quiet moments to enjoy a peaceful evening around your outside fireplace, the beautiful water features that fill the air with the soothing sound of moving water in a courtyard. The perfection of matching stones and native texas plants that border and enhance each feature in every area chosen on your property, and of the the spaces to entertain, using all the area of your property to create the most use out of every inch of your home outside your front or back door!


Your homes outdoor area design is in the best hands with local contractors who have a passion for bringing the highest quality builds and materials to your outdoor home design.  We make sure that your vision is brought to life with custom outdoor fireplaces for Austin winter nights, to outdoor kitchens and custom patio and deck designs that compliment your home in Austin Summers Ol’ Yeller brings high quality landscape builds to all neighboring homes of South Austin, North Austin and East Austin, Texas which is backed by dozens of homeowner’s referrals, which radiate the glow of 5 star reviews. See what our clients say about our landscaping services in our testimonials!

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