Ol’ Yeller Landscaping is Austin’s experienced leader in the unique design of cedar wood pergolas and many other shade structures for your outdoor living spaces. Pergolas can be versatile structures that protect you from the sun during the hot Texas summer and keep you dry when the rain decides to bless us with it’s arrival.

Quality work is a good reason to choose us.
Custom Designed Cedar Wood Pergolas

Our custom designed pergolas are built for residential homes, commercial properties and any other location needing cover from the Texas climates. The goal is to bring the utmost leisure and functionality out of any outdoor area. It can increase your property value and increase your quality of life by giving you more outdoor areas to relax and entertain family and guests.

Choose the Right Pergola Builders

We’ve been using superior and consistent pergola builders since 2004 and we can offer a wide range of designs, colors & materials. While cedar wood pergolas are the most sought after type in Austin, we can literally use any desired wood or metal to erect a pergola, arbor, awning, patio, carport, residential or commercial shaded structure.

Let us help you discover the possibilities that an attractive and fully functional cedar wood pergola can provide for your Austin Texas home. We cherish the opportunity to speak with you regarding the pergolas we have designed and what we can do for you today at 512-894-0013.